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Product Description

Online chess club is a new unique opportunity for our students. Well-know chess coaches and top players like Jaan Ehlvest, Alexander Shabalov, Alexander Yermolinsky, Alexander Onischuk, Alexander Khalifman among others are commenting and analyzing your games. Manager is supervising/conducting the lesson.

Our two and half hour long session has two parts:

1. The playing session.

  • Students will play each other or with players from another online school.
  • www.chess.com playing platform.
  • Total time for games is one hour.
  • Games are played with a time control of 30 or 15 minutes per game.

2. The analysis part.

  • Our grandmasters will comment the games and give immediate feedback/analysis.
  • Desktop sharing application Mikogo.
  • The analysis will last for 90 minutes.

Time schedule:

  • Right now we have openings on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The session for each group of students takes place once a week.


  • The whole package is 399.00 USD per student, that includes four two and a half hour long sessions.
  • We give discount for siblings.

We accommodate every student, but in each group we can have maximum 14 students.

Flyer with more information on it: Flyer.jpg (156 downloads)

E-flyer: e-flyer.pdf (171 downloads)