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Pühajärve handicap tournament

The 19th Pühajärve handicap tournament was held on the last weekend in friendly atmosphere. The winner was the rating favorite Nikita Meskovs from Riga who secured the first place one round to go.

Total 36 players took part of the festival. Final results were little bit strange, because the older generation did very well. The format was as usual, but this year the weaker players did not shine at all. Being honest I am little bit tired of this handicap format, because playing with the weakest group who have 18 minutes against your two minutes requires full concentration and it is not fun at all. The other problem is that too many players are the same. Some qualification could be a good idea.

This year beat the weaker opposition with confidence, but losing again to Marti Medar. The professional runner was one moment leading the tournament, but could keep the pace to the end.

The history of the festival has some sad taste as well, too many players who took part are gone. The organizer Urmas Randma asked the others to remember the deceased with one minute silence. Latest casualty was Lithuanian grandmaster Aloyzas Kveynis who died recently in this summer being only 55 years old.

The detailed results of the tournament are here.

Jaan Ehlvest