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Jaan Ehlvest’s online chess school starts again! We are inviting you to our Autumn chess programmes, that start from 22nd September.

Chess is a game, that helps children do better at school, improves concentration and analysis skills and develops critical and recreational thinking. In Ehlvest’s online chess school we offer an opportunity to learn the game through Internet at the comfort of your own home. Our coaches are professionals and with a lot of experience in coaching.

This semester we are accepting students to three different groups: pawns, knights and rooks.

Pawns group: 

For children who want to learn the chess moves or just recently learned them. Methodology is based on Jaan Ehlvest’s “Chess Gymnasium” book and during the course children will learn the main principles and rules of chess.

Knights group:

For children who know the chess moves and have played a little bit. During the course we will teach how to start the game, some positional principles and main important endgames.

Rooks group: 

For children who have mastered the basics of chess and also participated in a tournament. During the course we will work on your existing chess knowledge, analyze your chess games and study deeply different opening lines and endgame positions.