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Games from the Berlin World rapid and blitz Championship

To comment rapid games on chess media is not very common and I like to fulfill this cap. Years ago there was the “Informator” a regular edition published in former Yugoslavia. Game collections contributed almost all of the top players. The fee for a single commented game depended on your status or rating. Today we have computers and the editors are not eager to pay for a commented games any more. Still someone needs to learn from his mistakes, even better from other players mistakes. Computer analyzes however do not tell you why these mistakes were made. I always tell to my students look only the games which are well commented by the actual participants. Nowadays it is harder and harder to find these games. The reason – I already mentioned. Here I try to represent some of my games from Berlin and I hope that these games are good enough to teach not only me, but the reader as well.

In round one I lost from promising position against a strong player from Ukraine.

Somehow I recovered from the shock and after three rounds I had 50%. In round four I had black against Vitiugov.

I was not very worried about the mate I missed, because in overall I was worse during the whole game. My best game of the day one was the following game against other veteran player Bologan.

This was all my good and interesting moments from day one. About day two and the blitz, I will continou shortly. Also about the other players moments and the opening trends you find out in next articles.


Jaan Ehlvest