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Fujairah chess festival

The first Fujairah International chess tournament was organized by local chess club. The first prize was 15 000 USD, still in the Masters section there were only little bit more than 50 players. It was very strong though and players compared it to Aeroflot Open. If the club is going to organize second tournament next year, I am sure over one hundred players are going to participate. This year chessplayers were just too cautious and one may remember when years ago one big rapid event in Dubai was nearly cancelled because the sponsor withdrew in last moment and Kirsan was forced to help. This time all looked nice, everybody got their prize money and certificate of participation. The weather was excellent for people who are not to used extreme temperatures.  Yours truly had a chance to play tennis and it might help to win some chess games as well. Unfortunately I lost to Moiseenko in the last round but 13th place was good enough. I was very happy that Sandipan shared first place. I was coaching him several times during last decade and I hope that this tournament gave him confidence for the future. All final results you may find here

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Chessolympiad in Istanbul

I visited Istanbul back in 2002 when I was a member of Estonian team playing first board.  This was second Olympiad in Istanbul and this time the premises were outside of the city next to airport. I was captain of Latvian women’s team and this made some confusion.  There was strict rule that during the matches the captains should not face their team members. I got warning from one of the arbiters when I was following some games of Estonian women, because she logically assumed that I am captain of their team. Globalization in chess is very common but one can see that most of the older generation of Soviet chess school are captains or coaches around the World. My friends GM’s Kengis and Kveinis were present as well many others with whom I met over the chess board. Mikhail Gurevich for example was helping local youngsters. My team outperformed their ranking and I probably did a good job. Being captain you have the duty to be with your team during the round and you are the person to accept or refuse the draw offers. At the end of the match you sign the match protocol. During the match if you are nice person you bring some refreshments to your ladies. You should also register the team composition which was done over the internet. Preparation for the matches was new experience for me. I never worked with women chessplayers before. We had some brief two day consulting in Riga during the Riga international tournament in August. Main problem was to limit the opening lines during the prematch preparation. In other hand the amount of new information should be in certain amount for the player. It was overall interesting new experience for me. I am sure that in future if our cooperation is going to continue the Latvian team might expect much better results. One should see how Kveinis succeeded in Iran. After five years work with their women their team finished 8th in Istanbul.  Kveinis definitely should be the coach of the year.  Chess Olympiad is something between fun and serious sport.  It is the place where saying ”gens una sumus suites chess most.

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Draw Principle

Where to start if you like teach your child to develop some good character traits.

First you need to understand that we need to teach the process, winning a game is not important. The teaching process itself using chess is important. The draw principle is important in learning process. How it works enjoy the rest of this article.

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Vilnius blitz tournament

There is a traditional chess day in Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament). This year it was on March 9 which has some historical significance for Lithuania as the first written mention of Lithuania is found in a medieval German manuscript, the Annals of Quedlinburg, in an entry dated 9 March 1009. The chess day involved blitz tournaments and simul for children. Many prominent political figures were present among them FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, speaker of the Seimas of the Lithuanian Republic Dr. Vydas Gedvilas. Also present were Mr. Jonas Milerius, Chancellor of the Seimas, and Mr. Alexandr Cernov, President of the Lithuanian Chess Federation. President Ilyumzhinov awarded Honorable certificates of Recognition for outstanding efforts in chess propagation and development to ex-Speakers of the Seimas of the Lithuanian Republic Mr. Cheslovas Jurshenas and Mr. Vitautas Landsbergis. Mr. Jurshenas is not only a chess amateur, but also he is an organizer of the Seimas Cup 2013. The first tournament hosted only several players, nowadays more than 300 players of different ages participate in this tournament. Mr. Vitautas Landsbergis was the first head of state of Lithuania after its independence declaration from the Soviet Union, and served as the Head of the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas.  In 1952 he placed third in the Lithuanian chess championship, after Ratmir Kholmov and Vladas Mikėnas.

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The official presentation of the book “Chess Gymnasium”

The official presentation of the book “Chess Gymnasium” took place this Wednesday on Solaris center at Apollo bookstore.
Mr. Andres Adamson from Argo Publishing made the introduction and then the author explained in more detail how the idea of the book was born and how long it took from idea to publishing.

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Meeting with HE Kirsan ILYUMZHINOV

FIDE president found a moment to visit Tallinn the capital of Estonia last week.

It was followed after his visit to Lithuania and Latvia. More about these meetings you may found on the official FIDE website.
About his visit to Estonia one could read the following on

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