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Jaan Ehlvest was European Junior Champion in 1983. He beat Boriss Spassky in 1988. He is FIDE senior trainer and has a degree in psychology. He has experience in coaching top players like Anatoly Karpov among others and also young promising chess players. Combining the know-how from Soviet Chess School with his wide experience.

Chess is often compared to mathematics. It is true that good chess players also excel in math. There is however a big difference with these two disciplines. You may learn mathematics just memorizing all the formulas. In chess it is impossible, because there are too many different possibilities or positions to remember Shannon number.  Studying chess teaches you the general principles how to find a solution. These principles are universal. That is why children who are taught chess are better in mathematics compared to children who have not. Chess is an ideal tool for brain training. In certain age it helps children to visualize their action before actually making the commitment. Moving the pieces on chess board mechanically, but creating the image on his mind helps the child to speed up his or her development and achieve the abstract thinking stage more quickly. This is the main difference between chess and other activities used in educational process. We recommend to use our manual for children for the very beginners. If your child is hooked up with chess, then he or she needs a special courses and a private tutor. We would recommend to take first a basic course with one of our grandmasters. The basic course consists of 6 sessions, each session two hours long. During this session the students gets to know the general principles, how to calculate etc. For more advanced students we offer private tutoring. The training plan is built up individually. Please contact us, we are ready to help.